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    Syndicated Market Research Solutions

    Staying acquainted with the latest and emerging market trends renders companies the competitive advantage they need. Delving Market Researchs’ syndicated research services provide clients the valuable intelligence necessary to gain this edge.

    DMR’s syndicated research reports enable clients to meet varied market objectives – from footprint expansion to supply chain optimization and from competitor profiling to M&As.

    What makes our syndicated research solutions superior?

    • 1. DMR has more than 100,000 hours of experience in providing research and business services worldwide.
    • 2. DMR has delivered syndicated research services to small/medium enterprises as well as Fortune 100 companies worldwide.
    • 3. Our syndicated research services are segmented into four major regions - Global, MENA, BRIC, and South Asia. This helps us concentrate effectively on the client’s target market.
    • 4. DMR’s fact-based research reports come equipped with strategic advice from seasoned consultants.
    • 5. Clients can avail a quick market scan or full-length syndicated research report depending on their research needs.
    • 6. Our experienced research analysts and consultants spans four centers worldwide.

    DMR’s domain expertise encompasses sectors such as BFSI, Telecom and Media, IT, Transportation, Manufacturing, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Energy, Utilities, Chemicals, and Services.

    DMR offers quality market research reports, publishing over 200 studies every year. These reports are created for a host of industries, providing in-depth market data and forecast, analyzing key business trends and identifying and highlighting potential growth avenues across the entire value chain.

    Our teams of experienced and consummate research professionals constantly track key industries, identifying key developments, unmet needs and potential growth opportunities. Our reports are designed to provide a very clear understanding of the business environment, breaking down the market in a systematic process to highlight focus areas for our clients.

    A typical market research report includes:

    • 1. Market snapshot.
    • 2. Market Segmentation.
    • 3. Value Chain Analysis.
    • 4. Growth Dynamics .
      • a. Drivers
      • b. Challenges
    • 5. Potential Market Opportunities.
    • 6. Regulatory Overview.
    • 7. Technology Evolution
    • 8. Innovation & Sustainability
    • 9. Product Market Insights
    • 10. Application Market Insights
    • 11. Regional Market Insights
      • a. Region-wise Trends
      • b. Country-level Analysis
    • 12. Competitive Landscape
      • a. Company Market Share Analysis
      • b. Company Market Share Analysis

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    Customized Research Services

    Delving Market Research delivers customized research services to address the unique needs of clients. With its existing research capabilities and accomplished team of consultants, DMR is equipped to address specific research requirements of enterprises.

    Our business/market research solutions are formulated with one goal in mind – to provide accurate, quality research data to ensure tactical success for clients.

    Research Framework

    DMR delivers customized research solutions by actuating its broad spectrum of research methodologies, databases, and resources. These abilities are only strengthened by our global experience in customized industry projects.

    DMR’s tailor-made research services include quick market scan, country reports, in-depth market analysis, competition monitoring, consumer research and satisfaction studies, supplier research, growth planning, and more.

    With DMR’s dedicated team of research analysts and consultants, no custom research request is too big or too complex to undertake. DMR’s proprietary methodologies allow us to design a perceptive approach to balance cost, time, and analytics to meet clients’ requirements.

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    Consulting Services

    Along with market research, Delving Market Research also engages with clients along the entire strategy process, including idea generation, evaluation, strategy design, implementation and monitoring. We offer clients significant expertise in solving core strategy problems such as growth platform design, technology scouting studies, IP tracking, customer insight and competitive intelligence exercises.

    The success of our clients speaks for our success. We have an ongoing relationship with our clients who acknowledge that we can not only provide a head-start to any given research project immediately, but also that we always respect our confidentiality commitments. The high percentage of business that we get from client referrals bears ample testimony to the quality of our research.

    Core Consulting Practices:

    • 1. Compelling Business Cases
    • 2. Compelling Business Cases
    • 3. Competitive Landscape & Benchmarking
    • 4. Economic Forecasting
    • 5. Industry-specific Technology Solutions
    • 6. Market Dynamics, Positioning and Segmentation
    • 7. Market Entry Strategies
    • 8. Market Sizing Estimations
    • 9. Opportunity Analysis
    • 10. Portal Management
    • 11. Primary Interviews